Japan Valuers (Philippines)

We have a wide range of valuation and consultancy services to suit various requirements with customization as required


Based on nationwide network, "VALUERS NETWORK" as well as business alliance with several overseas valuation firms globally, we structure valuation framework consistent with the requirements of clients.

Property Advisory Services

We provide sound advisory services based on extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate industry.


Why Japan Valuers (Philippines)

Our sole aim is to provide clients with highest standards of real estate valuation and advisory services.

We cover a wide range of asset classes, including Real Properties, Plant Machinery and Equipment, as well as Business / Enterprise Valuation.

We also offer other allied services, including the optional use of drone technology for site inspections and properties identification.

Our Business Scenes


We work on Public Sector’s fair valuation; Fair Value Accounting; non-performing loan valuations; M&As; etc. Further, valuation scenes are infinite in regard to rent valuations; inheritance; disputes and conflicts. We ensure optimum professional appraisal practice.

Asset Securitization

Securitization of real estate became popular along with opening REIT market in many countries and regions. The securitized property market is diversified from classic type asset such as office, apartment and retail, to such hotel, logistics, healthcares and more. We also focus on market trends of various industries and financial markets.

International Context

Along with the globalization of the economy, property valuations are required locally and internationally to meet local and international standards. Our network of offices enable us to serve a wide range of property valuation and advisory services globally.

Areas of Services